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Hi, I'm Megan


I cut my teeth in digital marketing strategy the old-fashioned way:

By trying things on my own, experimenting, and seeing what worked (and definitely didn't) for my own small businesses and passion projects.

In 2007, as a college senior in art school, I created my first Facebook page to see if I could get new buyers in front of my (still wet) oil paintings.

Shortly after, I was routinely spending my entry-level wages on Facebook ads (a very new thing) whenever I had a new painting or travel essay to share - all in the spirit of experimentation, curiosity and enthusiasm for our brave new digital world.

Fun facts:

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As I grew up, so did my approach. Soon, I was applying my homegrown knowledge to real companies.

Eventually, I landed a job at The Richards Group, the nation's largest independent advertising and branding agency - and creative home to brands like The Home Depot, Dr. Pepper Snapple Group, Motel 6, Fiat Chrysler, and Charles Schwab. 

As lead social media strategist for a variety of clients including The Salvation Army USA, AAA, World Pancreatic Cancer Day, and more, my job was to ground all of our work in a sound, holistic strategy - one that clearly impacts larger business and marketing goals.

My time there solidified two ideas I'd had for a while:

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Social media can be an incredibly powerful tool for companies at every stage of the funnel.

Social media has the power to foster real, genuine engagement between people and the companies in their lives. It can also drive actual sales and revenue. You just have to know how to harness this power, and when. Therefore -

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No marketer should ever hit 'publish' on a social media post without knowing the larger purpose it serves for their business.

Creating content or following a shiny new platform or tactic without knowing why you're doing it is a waste of time and energy. And it should go without saying that no advertising budget should ever be spent without a sound strategy in place, either.

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My strategic, value-focused approach to social media (combined with my detailed and creative eye) has won me the praise of my clients - and a few industry awards. 

Now I'm excited to bring that vision, creativity, and strategic acumen to your business.


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